Guides for data access and approvals on the Guidance function’s website

The Guidance Function offers first-level guidance on the requirements and permissions needed when applying for health data.

As part of our services, we have launched several initiatives on the Guidance function’s website with the overall aim of simplifying access to health data.

The application process for data access and approvals is different depending on which data provider or legal agency you apply to. Therefore, the Guidance function has prepared some guides on the various application processes with the various data providers and legal agencies, as one of the several initiatives we have launched on our website.

On the website you can find guides for data access with the following data providers:

  • Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark
  • The Danish Clinical Quality Program – National Clinical Registries (RKKP)
  • The Danish Health Data Authority
  • The Danish National Archives

In addition, there are guides for approvals with the following legal agencies:

  • The Regional Research Ethics Committee
  • The National Research Ethics Committee
  • The Scientific Ethics Medical Committees
  • Regional Research Record
  • Patient Record Data (Regional Council)
  • Quality Assurance or Quality Development Projects

The various guides can be accessed here on the website: Guide to data access and approvals | Vejledningsfunktionen.

The purpose of this initiative is to create an overview of the requirements and process steps involved in applying for health data and approvals and thus help researchers, clinicians and other stakeholders to gain access to health data or obtain approvals.
We hope that this initiative can help to create a comprehensive overview of the various application processes and thus contribute to simplifying access to health data.

Guides for data access and approvals will be updated with new data providers as we receive feedback from those we have been in contact with. If you have not been contacted by the Guidance Function, but think that your organisation would be suitable on the website, please contact the Guidance Function at
The Guidance Function services are free for both public and private clinicians and researchers, Danish as well as foreign.
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