Unsure about which approvals your project requires? Consult the Guidance Function’s project overview and approvals

The guidance function’s website contains many features with useful knowledge and information that can be of use to researchers. You can, among other things, find descriptions of 11 different project and data types and what approvals they require. You can find the descriptions on our website here.: Project overview and approvals | Vejledningsfunktionen.
In these descriptions, you can read about the various approvals and general rules that individual projects and data types must adhere to and potentially obtain. For example, it may include what approvals a study consisting of questionnaires and patient medical records should have. Additionally, the page provides information about the general rules and laws that must be followed when conducting health research in Denmark.
The 11 different project and data types are:

  • Image diagnostic data
  • Biological material
  • Genome data
  • Intervention studies without medicine or medical equipment
  • Interviews
  • Quality development/quality assurance projects
  • Clinical trials of medicinal
  • Medical equipment / In vitro diagnostics
  • Patient record data
  • Registry data
  • Surveys

The Guidance Function hopes that the Project overview and approvals | Vejledningsfunktionen can help simplify access to health data and that you will find it useful and are willing to share it with your colleagues.

Remember that the Guidance Function is a free guidance service available to both public and private researchers, both Danish and international. You can always reach out to us at info@vejledningsfunktionen.dk or call us at +45 2494 7969.