What is available on the Guidance Function’s website?

The Guidance Function’s website has created various tools in 2023 to aid researchers in navigating the extensive array of research offers and the different approvals needed for research projects. The Guidance Function’s website is expected to remain active throughout 2024. However, it will not be updated after the end of 2023 when the Guidance Function closes.

  • Guides to data access and approvals
    The ‘Guides to data access and approvals’ page provides an overview of the application processes at various data providers and legal agencies:
    • Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark (RBGB)
    • The Danish National Archives
    • The Danish Clinical Quality Program – National Clinical Registries (RKKP)
    • The Danish Health Data Authority
    • The Danish Ethics Committees
    • The Regional research record
    • The Regional Councils
    • Quality assurance or quality development projects


  • Overview of research-related agencies
    The ‘Overview of research-related agencies’ page provides a list of different agencies across Denmark and the services they provide. This includes access to healthcare data, researcher support, and general guidance. Each region has its own overview, simplifying the identification of agencies within a specific region. All agencies are categorized into five groups:
    • Laws, agreements, approvals, etc.
    • Research support units, project management, guidance and secretaries, etc.
    • Libraries
    • Data & statistics, etc.
    • Funding & financial guidance


  • Project overview and approvals
    The ‘Project overview and approvals’ page provides an overview of the general rules, laws, and the approvals required for various projects/data types when conducting health research in Denmark. The information is divided into 12 sections, providing information on the approvals specific projects/data types may require:
    • General rules and laws
    • Diagnostic imaging data
    • Biological material
    • Genome data
    • Interventional studies without medicine or medical equipment
    • Interviews
    • Quality development / quality assurance projects
    • Trials of medicines
    • Medical equipment / In vitro diagnostic
    • Patient record data​
    • Registry data
    • Surveys


  • Videos of webinars
    The ‘Videos of webinars’ page provides videos of the various webinars hosted by the Guidance Function in 2023. The page encompasses five videos that delve into the necessary approvals required prior to accessing specific data types or the guidelines on accessing data from different agencies. The five video topics include:
    • Biobanks
    • Clinical trials
    • Clinical quality databases
    • Registry data
    • Patient record data

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