Overview of research-related agencies

In February 2023, the Guidance function presented their new website feature: Overview of research-related agencies on the Guidance function’s website, which can be found here: Overview of research-related agencies | Vejledningsfunktionen. After the launch of the new feature, many more agencies have entered the website, and all five regions now have research-related agencies represented.

Overview of research-related agencies contains information about the various services the agencies offer, who their primary users are and their contact information. The purpose of the feature is to create an overview of the various health research-related agencies and the services offered, around the five regions and on a national level.
The website feature is intended as an aid in finding information for relevant actors or agencies that researchers, clinicians or other stakeholders may need in connection with research and research processes.
All the agencies have been divided into five categories, based on the services they offer:

  1. Law, agreements, approvals, etc.
  2. Research support units, project management, guidance, secretaries, etc.
  3. Libraries
  4. Data & statistics etc.
  5. Funding & financial guidance

(Entities that offer several different types of services are represented in the relevant categories).

We are pleased with all the positive feedback we have received and we would once again like to thank all the agencies that have contributed to this initiative and that refer to the Overview of research-related agencies feature on their websites.
Overview of research-related agencies is continuously updated, with new agencies, as we receive feedback from those we have been in contact with. If you have not been contacted by the Guidance Function, but think your organization or agency would be suitable for the feature on the website, please contact the Guidance Function at info@vejledningsfunktionen.dk.

Contact the Guidance function if you need first-level guidance in your research project. We aim to answer all inquiries within 2-4 business days. Remember that our help is free and that we help researchers in both the private and public sector, Danish as well as foreign.
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