New webinars hoisted by the Guidance Function


The Guidance Function will be hosting a series of online sessions on different types of research projects and data, and about the requirements and processes researchers might encounter in each scenario. The sessions will consist of a brief introduction to the Guidance Function, a presentation on the session topic, and a Q&A session where support staff from the Guidance Function will answer general questions about the topic.

The sessions are set to last 30 minutes and are directed towards researchers and other interested parties, who are working with new types of health data or research projects. Topics for the sessions will be: register data, data from patient records, clinical quality data, biological material from biobanks, and clinical trials. Sessions will be held in both English and Danish, starting October 4th.

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The Guidance Function offers first-level support for researchers in need of help to navigate the requirements and processes surrounding access to health data and research projects. The Guidance Function is a free service offering support to Danish and international research in both the public and private sectors. The function is a part of the Research Health Data Gateway, a new health data service from the Danish Ministry of Health and Danish Regions.