Get a visit from the Guidance Function or participate in an online meeting with us


The Guidance Function is part of ‘The Research Health Data Gateway’, which is the Danish Ministry of Health’s and the Danish Regions’ new health data service.

We are very interested in presenting our services at The Guidance Function, and inform how we can assist you with your research project. We offer onsite visits at your department regardless of your location in Denmark or we can set up an online meeting.

The Guidance Function offers first-level guidance on the requirements and permissions needed when applying for health data. We provide information on which authorities to contact and in which order in relation to your project, and thereby aiding to create an overview of the application process of requiring health data.

The inquiries we receive are very different, such as questions regarding applications for specific databases, the requirements for different types of research projects, or permission for using Danish health data in foreign research projects.

The Guidance Function services are free for both public and private clinicians and researchers, Danish as well as foreign.