English webinar video on registry data

The Guidance Function has hosted webinars in 2023 about various data sources and the requirements and processes that researchers may encounter when applying for different types of data. Due to high demand, we have created videos of our webinars in Danish before the summer holidays, and all of them are now available on the Guidance Function’s website.

As the Guidance Function also has many international users and inquiries, we are currently in the process of creating webinar videos in English. The previous video was on clinical quality databases, and this week, we are publishing the video on registry data. In the video, we present the fundamental aspects of working with registry data, as well as the overall requirements and procedures necessary to gather registry data.

Videos of the remaining topics will be released in English throughout the fall of 2023.

The English video can be accessed through our website here: Videos of webinars | Vejledningsfunktionen and all the Danish versions can be found here: Videoer af webinarer | Vejledningsfunktionen
We hope that this initiative can contribute knowledge that simplifies access to health data.

Remember that the Guidance Function is a free advisory service for both public and private researchers, both Danish and international. You can always reach out to us at info@vejledningsfunktionen.dk or call us at +45 2494 7969.

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