Case 9: Regional Databases and Business Intelligence Offices

Cases are examples of questions and inquiries we receive in the Guidance Function, which we would like to share for inspiration.

A researcher contacted the Guidance Function, because the researcher needed a list of Danish Civil Registration System (CPR) numbers in order to send out a questionnaire. The researcher would like to know where the CPR numbers could be found regionally.

It is possible to obtain lists of CPR-numbers through the regional Business Intelligence offices (Danish: BI-kontorerne) if the aim is to send out a questionnaire. The BI-offices deliver data from the hospitals computer systems to researchers, clinicians, hospital management, the Regional Councils as well as the press and politicians. Among other things, these data products and quality reports are used to support clinicians in the treatment of patients as well as support the decision-making process of the Regional Councils. Besides the quality reports, the BI-offices also assist in data extraction for researchers, including extraction of a list of CPR-numbers when sending out questionnaires.

In this case, we provided the researcher with contact information to the regional BI-office. Contact information for the BI-offices in the five Danish regions is available below.

Contact information for the BI-office in the North Denmark Region:

BI og Analyse (

Contact information for the BI-office in the Central Denmark Region: 

Contact information for the BI-office in the Region of Southern Denmark:

Contact information for the BI-office in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand:

Center for Økonomi (

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