Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement states how the Guidance Function fulfills the requirement of web accessibility.


The web accessibility act states public organisations demands of its websites. The requirements help to ensure that the websites are accessible to e.g. citizens with disabilities. The Guidance Function is therefore obliged to make the website https: accessible, cf. “Act on the accessibility of public organisations websites, and mobile applications”.

If you find there is no content available at https:

At the contact below, you have the opportunity to notify us if you experience that the website does not comply with the applicable accessibility requirements in the Web Accessibility Act. In addition, you also have the opportunity to request information that the website has extracted pursuant to the law’s § 1, para. 5 (excluding content) and § 3, para. 2 (disproportionate burden). You can contact the Guidance Function at https: or

It is recommended never to provide confidential or sensitive personal information such as social security number or health information when you contact the Guidance Function.

Compliance Status

As a public organisation, we must state the extent to which degree our website complies with the web accessibility requirements as they are stated in the standard EN 301 549. Compliance status may be:

  1. The website fully complies with the standard.
  2. The website partly complies with the standard (complies with most requirements).
  3. The site does not meet the standard (does not meet most requirements).

    The Guidance Function states that: The website partly complies with the standard (complies with most requirements).

In addition, the public organsation must describe how the site is evaluated, which is divided into the following categories:

  1. The public organsation has evaluated the site itself.
  2. The site is evaluated by an external part.
  3. The public organisation has used a different method for evaluation.

The Guidance Function states that: The public organisation has evaluated the site itself and the site is evaluated by an external part. 

The Guidance Function states that the assement method has been carried out together with an external supplier as an automated test. 

Evaluation Reports

The public orangisation has the opportunity to refer to any evaluation reports.

Content not available

The Guidance Function has categorised unavailable content on this site. Under each category there may be a number of topics, which are displayed with headings as well as an explanatory text. A topic can e.g. be missing alternative texts.

Unavailable contents are divided into three categories, with function or content that:

  1. Does not comply with the Accessibility Act.
  2. Does not comply with the Accessibility Act and falls under the exception and a disproportionate burden, e.g. a report or guide that is very comprehensive and with a very small readership.
  3. Not covered by the Web Accessibility Act, such as testing of videos broadcast live.

The Guidance Function declares that website has three cases of unavailable content which does not comply with the Web Accessibility Act:

  1. Documents in Word, Excel or PDF.
    We have reports, and guides on the website that have been prepared in PDF, and some in Word and Excel which are not sufficiently available. We are working on finding a tool that can help us make the documents web accessible, and ensure that documents we upload in the future are web accessible.
  2. Lack of contrast during mouseover
    Some links do not have sufficient contrast color when the mouse is hovered over the link text. We are working to establish a technical solution to the problem
  3. Lack of recital on certain illustrations
    Certain illustrations do not currently have recital of text, which is due to a technical issue with the deliverance of these illustrations. We are currently working on a solution for this issue.


Not filled.

Not Covered by the law

Not filled.

Initiatives to reach a larger compliance of web accessibility 

The public organisation has the opportunity to describe what they do to achieve a higher degree of web accessibility on the site.

The Guidance Function states that a number of basic principles for the website have been written down and is maintained on an ongoing basis, in which the focus e.g. is on alternative text, formatting of headings, telling link titles, etc. that have an impact on web accessibility. We are working on finding a solution that can make documents web accessible.

Enforcement of the web accessibility act

The Danish Digitization Agency supervises Web Accessibility Act. Before contacting the Danish Digitization Agency, you must first contact the Guidance Function in order to solve the web accessibility problem. You do this via the contact information at the top of this accessibility statement.

If you find that the Guidance Function, which is responsible for the website, does not respond satisfactorily to your inquiry, you can send an inquiry to the Danish Digitization Agency via the:  Contact Formula.