The Guidance Functions is once again hosting online sessions


During 2022, the Guidance Function hosted a series of online sessions regarding the different requirements and processes, researchers might encounter when applying for different types of data. We have appreciated the great participation and feedback and can happily announce that the Guidance Function once again will be hosting online sessions in the spring of 2023.

The sessions will consist of a brief introduction to the Guidance Function, a presentation of the session topic and a Q&A session.

The sessions are set to last 30 minutes and are directed towards researchers and other interested parties, who works with first-level guidance about the requirements and processes regarding access to health data. The topics of the sessions will be: register data, data from patient records, data from clinical quality databases, material from biobanks, and clinical trials. The sessions will be held in Danish starting March 3 2023.

View the different topics, dates and registration links (in Danish) here: Webinars | Vejledningsfunktionen

The Guidance Function offers first-level guidance on the requirements and permissions needed when applying for health data. The Guidance Function services are free for both public and private clinicians and researchers, Danish as well as foreign.

The Guidance Function is part of the public initiative The Research Health Data Gateway, and is a part of the new health data services initiated by the Ministry of the Interior and Health and Danish Regions.

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Looking forward to seeing you.

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