New feature on the Guidance Function’s website – Project overview and approvals


The Guidance Function’s website is continuously updated with new knowledge and information that can be of use to researchers. Therefore, we are pleased that we today can present the Guidance Function’s newest feature: Project overview and approvals.

You can find the new feature here: Project overview and approvals | Vejledningsfunktionen. The feature is intended as a tool for researchers that can contribute to creating an overview of the framework and requirements the individual project and data types require.

Project overview and approvals contain descriptions of 11 different projects- and data types, describing which approvals and general rules the specific project- and data type must comply with and possibly obtain. In addition, the page contains information about the general rules and laws that researchers must abide by when making health research in Denmark.

The 11 different projects- and data types are:

  • Diagnostic imaging data
  • Biological material
  • Genome data
  • Interventional studies without medicine or medical equipment
  • Interviews
  • Quality development / quality assurance projects
  • Clinical trials of medicinal
  • Medical equipment / In vitro diagnostics
  • Patient record data
  • Registry data
  • Surveys

By clicking on one of the project or data types, you will be able to read general information about which rules and laws that must be complied with, depending on the type of project and which data that is used in the project. E.g., which approvals a study consisting of surveys and patient record data must have.

With this new feature, The Guidance Function aims to simplify the process for accessing health data.
We hope that you will find Project overview and approvals | Vejledningsfunktionen useful and feel free to share it with your colleagues.

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